How it Works

Our technology comprises the proprietary AutoMosys Adapter and its software suite.

We provide analytics on Vehicle Health, Driver Behaviour, Fuel Efficiency, Emissions that is useful for many industries - Average Driver, Taxis, Car Rental, Insurance, Logistics, Government etc.

Some of the key features that AutoMosys would be fulfilling are related to:

Our Latest Products

My Car Mechanic

My Car Mechanic (MCM) is the easiest car app (vehicle / diagnostics tool and scanner) to help you manage everything about your car in one super app. My Car Mechanic connects your smartphone to your car (ECU) with a simple, easy to install, low-cost adapter (OBD II). You can install the adapter yourself in minutes. No need for any mechanic. Read more about My Car Mechanic.


Backed by UCL, our experienced team consists of technology experts from automotive and data science backgrounds.

Why AutoMosys

AutoMosys is a hardware-software startup that aims to make driving smarter, safer, greener, and more affordable for consumers and enterprise. The internet has found its way into everyone’s daily lives; devices in all areas of our lives have become globally connected and are in interaction with each other. One area lives in the dark, even though we spend a lot of time in this device. It is not yet connected. It is the Car - the Car is one of the biggest sources of technical data that has not yet been harnessed.

AutoMosys believes that we live in an open world where the concept of a connected car has become increasingly important not only for cost savings and connectivity but for humanity. The possibilities of this data are immense, restricted only by the imagination of mankind. We truly believe that automotive data will change the world.

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