Why Do Diesel Engines Make More Torque Compared to Others?

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Diesel engine is said to be highly efficient if compared to other types of engines within the market, like petrol engine. People who plan to buy a machine usually choose one that does not consume too much fuel to function. It is definitely cheaper to afford diesel engine for that particular reason.  In this article, diesel engine torque curve explained. You will understand the way this engine works and how it is able to produce energy while using less fuel.

Why Choosing Diesel Engine Over the Others?

Plenty people are opting for this engine for its performance. There are five main reasons why the engine can deliver amazing performance.

  • More Energy Reserve

Diesel engine can reserve about ten to fifteen percent more energy than petroleum-fueled engine. Vehicle with diesel engine can go farther, about twenty to thirty five percent, than the one that is fueled with petroleum. Diesel engine certainly packs more power than the other engine.

  • Turbocharging Technology

Contemporary diesel engine is equipped with turbocharging technology. The engine needs a good amount of airflow to increase the energy efficiency of combustion and produce more power. When you add more air, the engine becomes more powerful. Turbocharge will effectively push more air into combustion chamber to fulfill this purpose. That makes this engine different in terms of power if compared with gas engine which works in similar manner.

  • Combustion Speed

Combustion speed is the main reason why diesel engine can produce high torque. Diesel engine’s piston is moving back to the cylinder while combustion is located on top of its compression stroke. That is when the engine is producing power. In the case of petrol engine, combustion only starts to happen as piston is moving back down to its cylinder. The movement does not happen as fast as in diesel engine.

  • Compression Ratio

Why do diesels have low rpms despite its high torque output? Its compression ratio plays a big role in this matter. Piston in diesel engine has to move all the way to cylinder’s edge because the engine is not equipped with spark plugs like petrol engine. When diesel engine closes that gap, it is able to elevate compression and heat up the air to produce combustion. Heavy components have to be placed within the engine to ensure that this system will run smoothly. Its heaviness makes diesel engines unable to move as fast as the petrol ones.

  • Size of Bore and Stroke

Petrol engine’s bore is designed to be wider. However, because its piston does not move all the way to the edge, this engine has shorter stroke length. Diesel engine on the other hand has longer stroke length. The longer stroke has an implication that it generates more distance in terms of torque equation.

The detailed description is going to answer your question: which engine is more powerful diesel or petrol? Diesel may not be as quick as petrol engine, but it certainly can give more powerful performance. On top of that, it is highly efficient in energy too.