What Happened to Caroline on Fuccillo Kia Commercials 2017
What Happened to Caroline on Fuccillo Kia Commercials 2017

What Happened to Caroline on Fuccillo Kia Commercials 2017

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Please see our new information here: Billy Fuccillo is Looking for Next “Caroline”

When people hear the tagline “Caroline, it’s HUGE”, they must have started to think of a Kia cars. Yes, the Fucillo Kia cars advertisements involving Caroline Renfro and Billy Fucillo have made huge effect on everyone. When the advertisement was first aired in 2012, it already caught a lot of attention beyond what Kia had expected. A very positive way for a start. Caroline with her eye catching appearance like beautiful face, blonde hair and a perfect woman body made great appearance as sidekick of Billy Fucillo. Her appearance has stuck everyone’s mind for years. As expected, the advertisement has also had huge effect on the car sales.

What Happened to Caroline on Fuccillo Kia Commercials 2017
What Happened to Caroline on Fuccillo Kia Commercials 2017

Where is Caroline Renfro in 2017?

Despite her appearances subsequently from 2012 to 2016, this year’s Kia advertisement doesn’t involve her anymore. So, people cannot do anything but wondering why she was not involved in the Kia advertisement. Where is Caroline Renfro now? Is she no longer a model for Kia? Is she fired? What is she doing now? So many questions are popped in many people’s head knowing that Caroline is no longer a face of Kia. It clearly shows that many people are interested in her and are pleased having her involved in the Kia advertisement.

There are so many speculations on where has Caroline Renfro been. In fact, some people speculate that she might have some issues with her personal lives that made her getting fired by Kia or having her contract terminated. Somehow, Kia’s advertisement without Caroline in it feels a bit empty and no longer a great one to see. Although new model replacing Caroline is also as beautiful as her but it doesn’t feel the same. And, it may have had some effect on Kia’s cars sale as well because we know how much big of effect that Caroline and Fucillo had made on Kia’s cars sale over the years. Many customers claim they started to feel interested about Kia cars after watching the advertisement with Caroline Renfro Fucillo in it. So, perhaps the absence of Caroline has also made a loss for Kia.

Our Readers Comments

We’ve got a comment from Sally (lxxxxxxxl7@vxxxxn.net):

“Caroline has been in commercials in 2017 so to say she is not in Kia Commercials 2017 is incorrect. Today a new commercial has started running showing Caroline saying she has decided to become a Nun and that she won’t be shooting anymore commercials. So, possibly that is what has happened to her? I was curious as to where she went, but figured she got tired of the loud yelling and obnoxiousness of their commercials. I would not buy a KIA due to these commercials. But, to each his own…I do wish her the best of luck! I truly hope she has accepted the calling from God and this is not a ploy for a commercial!”

Comment from John DeLong (jxxxxxxxxx7@gmail.com):

“I was just wondering if Caroline is really becoming a nun or is he just using that for the Kia commercials if so I think that’s pretty awful to play with God and I to be sued”

Why is Kia Advertisement with Caroline Popular?

If you notice all the Kia’s advertisements with Caroline and Billy Fucillo in it, you certainly agree that Caroline had done such great job advertising the cars. Not only is she beautiful and attractive in front of the camera, but she has always been successful in making the cars she advertise great choice to drive. She definitely knew how to make people wanting the cars and be curious about it. She didn’t need to do extra effort because her way of talking is attractive enough.

Not only public who agree how great Caroline has been on her job but also Billy Fucillo, her coworker. Fucillo repeatedly said how Caroline has made a great sidekick for him to advertise Fucillo Kia cars. No one doubts about her ability in advertising the cars and selling more of it to customers across the United States of America. And, it had clearly been shown through increasing sale thanks to advertisement with Caroline in it.

Is Caroline Having Issues?

The first thing of what happened to Billy Fucillo’s Caroline that public start to think is that Caroline might be dealing with personal issues that somehow force her to terminate her contract with Kia. But is that all true? Well, not according to Kia. Recently, knowing how curious the public are about the disappearance of Caroline, Kia made public announcement regarding Caroline’s absence. Kia said that Caroline is now actually in her vacation and this is the reason she couldn’t appear in the advertisement. But once she is back to work, she will soon make another appearance. So, Abby, model who replaces Caroline in the latest advertisement is only temporary in contract with Kia.

There is a funny thing happened when public were busy trying to figure out what happened to Caroline Renfro Fucillo. Some people dug more information on her and lead to a leaked info saying that Caroline is actually Billy Fucillo’s niece. This information was quite popular and many people believed it was true. Not long after this information becomes popular, both Kia and Fucillo responded saying the information was totally a false. Caroline and Fucillo don’t have any relations other than being coworkers in the same cars’ advertisement.

Fucillo Kia without Caroline

Some people assume that the effect of Caroline on the Kia’s cars sale is huge. With her absence, they think the sale will be decreasing. Apparently, the public assumption made a point. Kia recently announced matter regarding the decreasing sale in the year of 2017. But they also made another point that the decrease is not significant and is not affected by the absence of Caroline. The decrease sale is normal, they said. Well, hopefully it is normal and soon it will be back to the way it used to be.

In the meantime while waiting for Caroline to return to Kia’s commercial along with Billy Fucillo, all of us have to be satisfied with her replacement model known as Abby to make appearance in the advertisement.

Kia’s High Quality Cars from South Korea

Kia itself is a big automotive manufacturer based in Seoul, South Korea. Kia has been rising as a star from Asia which now grows almost as big as Japan’s automotive manufacturers like Honda and Toyota. Offering city cars and family cars, Kia has targeted multiple segments in the US. Kia’s cars are not only sophisticated and modern in design but also safe and comfortable in its performance which makes it perfect for city cars.

Over the years, Kia has been offering more car variants with family cars and sedan as the most favorite variants. With affordable price tag, everyone finds that Kia’s cars are within their reach including among the low class family in the US. Anytime soon, Kia will be launching new variants and the cars might be what people have expected. And of course, we all hope that Caroline will be joining the new Kia advertisements along with Billy Fucillo because it’s not complete without her.