2019 ram 1500 crew cab dimensions
2019 ram 1500 crew cab dimensions

Unleash Your Inner Adventurer with 2019 RAM 1500

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By 2019-2020, public demand for big-sized cars such as SUVs, pickups, and trucks is increasing. This is evidenced by the increasing number of purchases every year. In fact, some car manufacturers begin to produce trucks and so instead of sedans. As for the old manufacturers like RAM, it is required to always give the best innovation in every vehicle it releases; one example is 2019 RAM 1500.

Who doesn’t know this pickup? This figure that looks thick and strong gives the impression of an adventurer to anyone who drove it. This time, we will dissect this RAM 1500 to see what potential it has.

2019 ram 1500 crew cab dimensions
2019 ram 1500 crew cab dimensions

2019 RAM 1500 Detail and Specifications

When viewed at a glance, RAM 1500 does look big and sturdy. Well, RAM is famous for its large and powerful pickup line. For RAM 1500 alone, it can accommodate 5 people inside the cabin, coupled with the cargo section that has a volume of around 1700 liters. It makes this car a highly recommended pickup vehicle.

For the exterior itself, a tough accent is accentuated from 2019 RAM 1500, thanks to its high ground clearance. This vehicle also has a capable shock absorber capability with multi-link suspension system and short & long arm to provide extra comfort on uneven roads.

Engine and Estimated Price

Come into the inner power, we are immediately greeted with V-8 engine with capacity of 5.7 liters each. The machine is capable of delivering power up to 395 HP although it’s controlled with automatic transmission 8-speed. Instead of 4-wheel drive, this vehicle only has rear-wheel drive. For your own fuel tank, you will be spoiled with 26-gallon capacity, making your adventure endless. RAM 1500 also adopted the concept of a hybrid engine, with a starter generator in form of 48V capacity belt. It’s capable of providing power assistance for mechanical engine that has been pinned on the front. In addition, for comfort and safety, 2019 RAM 1500 is equipped with active noise control and ABS in all tires.

Another feature that’s not less important is the voice activation entertainment system. Everything you’ve ever dreamed of will be here, from streaming audio, 10 surround sound speakers, to double LCD that displays real-time traffic over a GPS network. By driving 2019 RAM 1500, you will feel challenged to conquer terrain that you have never tried. Take out the adventurous soul inside you from mid-2019 for only $33,000.