Trump Administration Quietly Refuses to Pursue V2V Mandate

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According to automotive industry official, Trump administration has halted any plans to pursue Vehicle 2 Vehicle (V2V) mandate. V2V is a technology which allows car to communicate wirelessly with each other. V2V will enable vehicles to send information regarding the speed, direction as well as the location of the car, which is hoped to help reducing traffic accidents.

Obama administration is partially at fault for the failure of pursuing this mandate. It is because V2V plan is submitted in December 2016 during Obama administration. If Obama administration propose the plan faster, it is possible that the mandate could have been implemented by now.

If the mandate is put into action, automakers are required to put this technology into their new cars. V2V is deemed as the best way to prevent accidents and make the road a safer place. But the fact that such a good plan is being locked away without any notice has triggered many critics to the governments.

vehicle to vehicle communication
vehicle to vehicle communication

The White House as well as the Department of Transportation remained silent when questioned about this issue. But according to auto industry officials, this decision is made because the effect of implementing the V2V mandate will be very costly, and it is not a secret that the President is never hesitate to stop anything that might put too much burden on the economy. However, despite of the concerns from the government regarding the effect of the mandate for auto industry, this industry actually fully supports the implementation of V2V.

This is because the automotive industry sees the great benefits of V2V technology. V2V is very crucial for the development of autonomous driving cars. V2V will make driverless vehicles safer because it is able to get information beyond the reach of the self-driving vehicle’s radar and sensor. According to auto industry official, V2V also will be able to reduce traffic congestion.

Actually, car manufacturers can still put this technology in their car even without mandate. Unfortunately, the deployment will be much more difficult, especially since V2V is dependent on 5.9 GHz network. Even if the government decides to pursue the mandate, it will take years until the public will see the real benefit because automakers need to create technology that enables V2V to be used in older cars as well. But still, considering the high rate of traffic accidents, if there is a technology that can be used to reduce it, it needs to be implemented as fast as possible. (/penuliscontent)