The Coolest Car Gadget You Wish to Have One

Posted on – What is a car without cool gadgets? Surely you cannot enjoy the driving experience at its most. Coming to car gadget, there are immense options of coolest car gadget to install in your vehicle. Ranging from dash cam that helps you record the footage of journey to handpresso that allows you to make your own espresso inside the car cabin, the following gadgets are awesome.

  1. Garmin Dash Cam ($230)

Dashboard camera is getting more popular recently. This is a savvy tool that lets you record the footage of your journey as well as keep track on anything happen in front of you. Garmin Dash Cam also helps determine fault in case a car accident happens. The camera is equipped with 1080p video with crystal-clear image. It saves the video and record your location to accurately show where and when the accident happened. This is also what you need to perpetuate the astonishing scenery.

Garmin Dash Cam

  1. Escort Max ($449)

Do you frequently drive over the speed limit? You need to be careful of this habit, unless you want to pay the hefty fines and detention. Escort Max is the coolest car gadget that you need to keep track on your speed, equipped with radar detector that will notify in case you exceed the limit. The accuracy is undoubted, it is able to track not only your speed but also nearby drivers.

Escort Max

  1. Park Zone PZ ($20)

If you often have problem when parking the car, this is the coolest car gadget you should have. Parking in small area is quite overwhelming. This parking assistant helps you prevent from tapping front bumpers continually.

Park Zone PZ

  1. Handpresso ($160)

Making your own coffee is even a greater thing. This cool gadget is what you need to start a day with a cup of coffee, in case you are in hurry to have one in the kitchen. Handpresso is just like your home coffeemaker as it is quite easy to use. Coming with compact design, you can make a cup of coffee while waiting for the green light. This device works well with your 12-volt port in the car.


  1. Backseat Car Organizer ($19)

If you hate cluttered car and you are pretty strict for this, backseat car organizer is definitely what you need. There is no more messy backseat as the organizer keeps everything in place. This is a storage option that is suitable for family. Made of polyester and durable mesh, this coolest car gadget also comes with flexible pockets and compartment.