Swamp Buggy Races Naples 2018

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Have you ever heard about The Buggy Races? This swamp buggy races naples are only 3 times a year which are January, March, and November include 2018. Pay attention about some things such as parking is free but in a “bush hogged” field that is anything, but smooth and watch your step from the vehicle to the small building that sells the tickets. There is a fee admission that you should pay, you will get a wristband after paying $20. You have to pay the admission by credit cards, not cash. The organization that runs this event is a non-profit, so the race events are actually held to raise fund for different causes in the Naples area.

These events actually allow the participants to bring in unopened bottled water. But sometimes, there is a bag check and you’ll have to leave the bottle of water in your vehicle. The seating is made of metal bleacher along the start/finish line. Every participant should step from bench to bench because there is no steps in front of the starting line. There is a larger section with 2 sets of stairs and more closely resembles just like at a high school football stadium. It is an outdor with no cover above (no roof) except for the VIP section. So you need to bring sunblock and wide beam hat for sun protection. The races start at 1pm and end at 5pm, a long afternoon, but there is no sure of the actual start time. It can be at 1:30 pm because there is an intermission which turned out to be closer to a half hour.

The audience can see all the class winners in their buggies over to the side in front of the bleachers and opened the gates, only if you stay till the end. The other big challenge is for the Swamp Buggy Queen to jump in the muddy water with the feature winner driver. Usually, there is several classes of buggies, there are some specially prepared jeeps  and specialty long cigar shaped vehicles. Actually, the true swamp buggies are the same, only separated by the size of their engines. The track is a shallow around 3′ in most spots lagoon because they are flooded with muddy water in an oval in shape with a split in the middle of the oval and there are also 2 deeper holes called “sippy holes”.

A lot of people like to watch the men and women who compete for the 4 race per year, The Bud Cup. The winner of the Big Feature who is taking the 1st prize is a double elimination format. The Pro Mods get around with the two lap track in less than a minute and cheer on the Jeep class chug around with a fight to the finish is the best race to watch. Why? Becaause the Jeep class drivers are up to the neck in the water and mud when they go through the two Sippy holes. The audience will have a great experience in watching the races here at The Florida Sports Park. The 70th Anniversary Racing Season Opener is scheduled for November 3rd & 4th, 2018. This fabulous race includes The Parade on the 3rd and the route is US 41 from Fleishman Blvd to 3rd Ave S.

What is the lackness of this event? The committee still need to offer more information prior because the webpage contains no real pertinent information for race day. Yes, update information is neede because there will always be a new rule such as the admission fee. The audiences always be happy because the food and drink available at reasonable prices. So what is the interested point of this event? First, it is usually ironic because the naple is an elegant and upscale town. The society love to manage this town well. It has a nicknamed, which is The ‘Golf Capital of America. Naple is a right place to practice swing, toast the sunset with a martini in hand, and stroll the beach in fashionable swimwear. But no one deny the fact that The Swamp Buggy Races in Naples is so fun. They can have so much fun rather than staying at home, complete with corn dogs, cheering fans, and an abundance of beer. They will be involved a lot of mud and slop. The races in Naples will please all folks who love a little contrariness. Only ordinary folks who don’t like challenge and fun obstacles.

Second, because the mud is mind boggling. You will see the amazing mud just like the famous Mile O’ Mud track and the swamp buggies splashing around it. The eight track is flooded with water around 18 inches deep in most areas of the race. But, much deeper in the dreaded sippi holes and that what makes this event so fun. Third, because it is historic. The races are usually the form of celebration of the Sunshine State’s past. The Mile O’ Mud is  identic with Swamp Buggies that were originally invented for Florida’s Everglades, the River of Grass. The swamp buggies are the solution to get across the thousands of square miles of Florida swampland. Yes, it is so excited!

Fourth, the buggies are sexy. The buggies can run the gamut from standard Jeeps with snorkels to giant monsters with NASCAR racing engines. And the jeeps get almost totally submerged in spots. The fancy buggies with the racing engines are so powerful, they literally propel themselves at the top of water. People say that this is so fun, but also a serious sport with some serious machines. Fifth, be brave of dirt is good because no one comes out clean. The Swamp Buggy Queen is the one that attrack audiences. She is a gorgeous young woman in fancy dress. She gets a traditional mud bath dunking along with her crown. Watching the queen will be the perfect ending to a perfectly filthy day. Remember that a little dirt ain’t going to hurt! Let’s have fun!