Revealing the New 2020 BMW M3

Posted on – The sight of 2020 BMW M3 has triggered many speculations related to the design of upcoming M3. Spied in Munich, M3 shows fully wrapped prototype. This makes experts and auto-enthusiasts try to get closer to reveal the new design received by the latest BMW M3. Even though some parts are obscured, it can be identified this upcoming car will receive new headlight lenses which are production-ready. In addition to revealed headlight, the taillight is shown as well. Even though there is no much to reveal from the sight, some aspects can be exposed.

2020 BMW M3 Specifications

Many rumors are buzzing in the air. Even though there is no official release from BMW, the prediction is worth considering. The latest BMW M3 is expected to feature 3.0L twin turbo six cylinder engine that will deliver 480 horsepower. The power will be delivered to rear wheels, thanks to 6-speed automatic transmissions. When it comes to the trim levels, 2020 BMW M3 provides xDrive model equipped with all 4WD. This model, however, is said to have the same mode as 2-WD of BMW M5.

2020 bmw m3 specs
2020 bmw m3 specs –

Furthermore, the latest M3 is predicted to have lighter design compared to its predecessors, even though the 3 series are growing in dimensions. If it is true, the upcoming BMW M3 should be slightly quicker than the previous model. However, there is one thing you should keep in mind. If the new M3 with all-wheel-drive and automatic transmissions are kind of affront to you, a distinct version is available.

BMW is expected to offer new version named Pure. This will be stripped down model which will feature 3 pedals with 6-speed manual gearbox. And yet, the fact that BMW will reduce the engine output is such a shame. This version of 2020 BMW M3 will deliver 460 horsepower, in which the reason is not understood yet. For further information, the upcoming vehicle from BMW is expected to be revealed very soon.

For exterior, as aforementioned, the latest M3 will feature production ready headlight lenses and taillight. The taillight itself it shown for the first time, in which it gives clue to auto enthusiasts. In addition to the exterior appearance, there are also some changes on rear fascia. It seems like BMW has made some work on this part. Furthermore, the exhaust is also exposed in this sight. Even so, it is reported that the exhaust is not as attractive as cool diffuser.

When will the new vehicle hit the market? You only need to wait a little bit. Auto world must be ready to welcome the new hero from BMW. Rumor has it the latest BMW M3 will be coming in September. Many predictions say that the vehicle will be revealed at 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show. It is not a surprise that 2020 BMW M3 is the most anticipated sport sedan that will join the market. If you are one who expect the release of this amazing vehicle, you should keep looking forward to the reveal as well as official release from BMW.