Land Rover Defender

New Land Rover Defender is Appealing to Wider Audiences

Posted on – Ever since the news of new Land Rover Defender came out, everyone has been in the edge of their seat, anticipating its upcoming release. Currently, the vehicle is still being tested by the development team. Nonetheless, the team has promised that it will be much different than its predecessor; in a good way, of course. What are the new features offered for buyers in the upcoming launch?

New Land Rover Defender

Interesting Novel Features in New Land Rover Defender

The development team at Land Rover has worked hard over the past years until today to build the new version of Defender. Currently, the team is conducting a test drive to simulate ten years of car driving. The test drive is done without stopping for days and nights on a very challenging track. Development team boasts that they had to change track because the previous one was not difficult enough. They have an ambitious target: failure-free drive.

New Land Rover Defender is powered by turbo hybrid engine with 2.2 liter discharge capacity for the petrol-fueled part. It has been stated that this car can run fully on electricity, although the EV range’s information is still being gathered. However, you can expect it to be comparable to PHEV by Range Rover. This car is also equipped with safety features perfect for inner city driving, such as auto braking.

This car is categorized as 4B vehicle. It is definitely more robust than any other car in the market, but it is still below the military grade car. The new Defender utilizes geometry 90 for its admirable mechanical capacity which is not that far off from 110. However, the geometry 90 will be able to maintain longevity of this car for as long as possible.

Buyers of new Land Rover Defender have the option to purchase one with air suspension and the other one with coil suspension. Currently, coil suspension is still known to yield the best result. Air suspension also has satisfying result, though. Standard version of this car will have 18-inch wheels, but buyer can purchase a model with 22-inch wheels.

It is obvious that the new Defender is designed to appeal for wider target audiences. The car is not only great within the off-road scene. It is perfect for city living as well since new Land Rover Defender is capable of improving smooth ride. You will find fully-functioning infotainment system in the car as well. The full information related to its interior and exterior design remains unknown.