2022 Tesla Model S review

New 2020 Tesla Model S, the Comeback of Infamous All-Electric Sedan

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In competitive automobile market nowadays, Tesla Model S still stands out. This sporty sedan has so many great things to give. The engine and safety features are highlighted by car enthusiasts all over the globe. It also provides luxurious add-ons to ensure comfort and fun for passengers during the ride. The 2020 model is being geared up by its automaker. Everyone is anticipating this new model since the previous ones did extremely well in the market. Aren’t you curious to see what changes the new model will bring?

New Design of Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S graced automobile market in 2012 and received great responses. To keep consumers satisfied, the 2020 model is going to make some renewals. The new design will improve on efficiency in relation to energy and aerodynamic. Because of that, public can expect to see slight modification in the car’s architectural chassis. Engine upgrade is also very likely to happen in order to make this car more competitive.

2022 Tesla Model S
2022 Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S Engine Specs

This model still has similar battery configurations to its predecessor. However, mileage and performance will be improved. The base model for this car will be powered with a 75 kWh battery. It is capable to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds. This engine is capable to go up to 259 miles in one charging. The other battery options are two kinds of 100 kWh units.

The first 100 kWh batteries can reach 60 mph in 4.1 seconds while the other one can do it in just 2.5 seconds. Tesla Model S that is equipped with the first 100 kWh units can run for 335 miles in a charging. Meanwhile the second 100 kWh batteries will power the car up to 315 miles. All engine options are in all-wheel drive setting. It seems like the automaker is going to bring back rear wheel drive setting, though. This car is also armed with Level 5 autonomous driving system.

The Exterior and Interior of Tesla Model S

This new model will improve dramatically in aerodynamic aspect. It utilizes some design ideas from Roadster 2.0. The dimension is slightly larger than its previous model. It allows for more cargo capacity inside the car. The car’s exterior introduces sharper cuts and creases that make it look more aggressive. Its headlamps are little smaller than before.  This car’s rear lamps are armed with OLED technology that allows them to change color according to actions. The wheels are larger. Buyer can opt to get 21-inch wheels.

Interior of Tesla Model S has been a subject of criticism from audience. People point out that despite being a luxury car; its interior features are not luxurious enough. It has large glass roof for ambient lighting in the cabin. The seats are also more stylistic in this model. They are also equipped with heating system. Infotainment system also receives upgrade in the form of connectivity with other devices. Wi-Fi connection can be controlled by voice command. The control console will be adorned with 19-inch touch screen to help monitoring all features within the car.

The safety features of Tesla Model S are still the highlights in new model. It is equipped amazing features like blind spot monitor, lane keep assistance, and automatic brake to minimize accident risk. The powertrain is also placed mid-low to reduce large impact of crash. The car also has air filtration system to clear onboard air. Some new additions might be introduced in the 2020 model.

2022 Tesla Model S interior
2022 Tesla Model S interior

The Trim Levels in New Model S

It seems like there will be three trims levels in 2020 Tesla Model S, just like the previous version. The base trim is called 75D that is powered with 75 kWh batteries. It has basic features such as new display screen and safety features. The upper trims are 100D and P100D. Both trim levels are equipped with different 100 kWh batteries. These two trims will differ in performance and luxury features. A high performance model is probably going to come around too.

Price Information

The price for new Tesla Model S is expected to be higher than the previous generation. Its base model or 75D is probably going to be sold at $69,000 which is around $3,000 higher than previous model. The 100D trim might be priced slightly under $90,000. Meanwhile, the P100D is probably going to be available at $125,000. If a high performance trim is released, the price might be set around $150,000.

Release Date of Tesla Model S

There is no exact date for the release of new Tesla Model S available yet. It is likely that this car will be launched to the market the fourth quarter of 2019 or even at beginning of 2020. It already has competitors from other automakers such as i8 and Panamera 4E-Hybrid.