New 2019 BMW i3 Sneak Peek on the Upcoming Model

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Hybrid car is getting more popular today as issues about energy crisis is inevitable. As one of car manufacturers, BMW tries to meet the demand of hybrid car that goes fast without consuming much energy. New 2019 BMW i3 comes as the answer, providing higher capacity of battery for more mileage. Will it work as expected by the automaker? The latest launch of BMW i3 was in 2013 and the hybrid vehicle was introduced as premium electric car with skyrocketing price.

Time goes by and its competitors offer more affordable hybrid car with better electric range. Surely, BMW does not stand still—it releases new BMW i3 which provides significant changes, particularly in the battery. This car is launched with 60aH battery which is equal to 22.6 kWh. In 2016, the battery was upgraded to 94Ah, equivalent with 33kWh. And now, the latest update will offer 120Ah or 42.4kWh battery. Compared to its rival, Nissan Leaf that comes with 40kWh battery, BMW should be proud.

From the full charge, BMW expects to reach 162 miles, which means it is equal to 30 percent of improvement from its earlier version. You will need around 15 hours to charge 80 percent with standard supply, while wallbox of 3.7kW will require under 9 hours. If you wish faster charging, use 59kW DC charger that takes only 45 minutes.

BMW i3 120Ah 2019
BMW i3 120Ah 2019

When it comes to new BMW i3 engine options, there are two choices to opt for. The standard car comes with 168 horsepower, while i3s provides 181 horsepower. If you expect i3 Range Extender, unfortunately the model is no longer available. The basic model of i3 is able to accelerate from 0 to 62mph within 7.3 seconds, which is slightly faster than Swift Sport from Suzuki.

Please note that the upcoming BMW i3 does not receive significant changes from its predecessors. It means you will see find the flaws and drawbacks from the earlier version, including the ride. Brittle construction as it is made from carbon fiber is still there. Not to mention limited boot space that will be a problem if you take a long journey.

Overall, the new BMW i3 is a professional hybrid car that provides option for energy-efficient car. This vehicle is available at £31,680 for the basic model with several services including Bluetooth, heated seats, LED lights, and parking sensors. If you wish to add Driving Assistant Package, you need to spend extra £790 or £235 for Apple CarPlay.