Living with a BMW M5, What’s It Like?

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A test has been conducted between Merc-AMG E63 S, M5, and Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid. The cars did a drag race. How about the result? BMW M5 is able to show its best as the lightest car even though it is least powerful. The car also comes with launch control, which sometimes works. This vehicle is able to reach 60 mph from zero only in 2.99 seconds. Amazing, right? This is completely an insane super car to make you run, or fly.

As comparison, you may take a look at Tesla. Even though this is not a sport car, Tesla is recognizable as a fast car. There is only slight difference between M5 and Tesla. The test shows that M5 is able to perform its best at high speed. M5 is able to reach 120mph only in 9.49 seconds, while Tesla requires 9.97 seconds to reach the same speed.

BMW M5 review
BMW M5 review

Brake is another aspect to reveal from BMW M5. It employs £7,495 ceramics as brake which might be too grabby for daily driving. From 100mph, the brake is able to stop the car only in 81.23 meters—compared to 911 Turbo S which requires 81.88 meters, this is actually a less distance.

When it comes to engine, M5 is confident to boast the specs. The powertrain is a masterpiece of M5, especially if you frequently drive the car. However, vehicle has fuel pump issue and sometimes it can get super-hot. Blame the technology to reduce emissions as well as meet the regulations. M5 comes with 4.4L twin turbo engine with 8-speed auto transmissions. This makes the car a powerful vehicle to run.

How is BMW M5 compared to Alpina B5? This car costs around £89,000, which is pretty similar to M5, but it offers 4.4L twin turbo V8 engine. With this engine, Alpina B5 is capable of delivering more power of 9 horsepower and 37 pound feet of torque. Though, there are some reasons why M5 is more preferable than B5, one of which is the tighter seats that make you squeezed inside the B5. However, it cannot be denied that Alpina provides more power.

When it comes to M5 interior, you should see the cabin that will level up your driving experience. It provides superb front seating and pretty comfortable backseat. And yet, some people often complain about the rear seat which is considered too dark since BMW M5 replaces the light with plastic in black.