Engine Temperature Warning Light
Engine Temperature Warning Light

Know the Meaning behind These Important Symbols on Your Car Dashboard

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When you are driving, you might notice some icons suddenly appear in your dashboard. Your car is trying to talk to you through those car dashboard icons so it is very important to know the meaning behind those symbols.

When there is a problem with your car, the electrical system will send signal and it will be conveyed via the dashboard car symbols so that you can notice those problems and take necessary actions. Most of the times, the icons will simply light up, but sometimes it will be accompanied by beeping sounds. You might feel anxious because of this but actually you don’t have to be panic.

While it is true that cars signal lights can indicate serious problems with the machine or other important components, those symbols also will appear when you are activating a certain function or simply when you haven’t shut the door properly.

This is why understanding the car light meanings on your dashboard is very essential. When you are riding your new 2018 Mercedes-AMG E63 S, you shouldn’t just pay attention to the advanced technology and the huge screen on the dashboard. You also should spare some time to learn the meaning behind each symbol that might appear on your car’s dashboard. Now, let’s find out about the most common car dashboard signs along with their meaning.

1.  Temperature Warning Light

Engine Temperature Warning Light
Engine Temperature Warning Light

This dashboard icon looks like a love child between thermometer, key and some sort of a sail boat. This sign warns driver that the temperature of the car has gone above normal limits. To turn off this warning light, there are some components you need to check such as the radiator cap, coolant level and also leaks.

2. Oil Pressure Warning

Oil Pressure Warning

If you see this sign on your dashboard, it means the oil pressure sensor is telling you that the oil in your engine is running low. If you think that there is nothing wrong with the amount of oil, it means the problem lies in the oil pressure system. If you see this sign after you start your car, turn the engine off immediately to prevent damage to your engine.

3. Brake System Warning

Brake System Warning

Brake is an extremely important part of your car so you need to know this car sign meaning and what action you need to take. There are several reasons why this symbol lights. Firstly, the parking brake is on and you can solve this easily. Secondly, the brake fluid is running low and you simply need to check the brake fluid and add some if it is running low. Thirdly, there is a problem with the ABS system and you will need professional help to solve this.

4. Seatbelt Reminder

Seatbelt Reminder

This icon will light when the driver forgets to wear the seatbelt.

5. Check Engine

Check Engine

This icon indicates that there might be problem with the car’s engine. Most of the time, it is just a sign that there is a fault on the emission system. But it is best to take the car to professional to prevent more damage.

If you own diesel vehicles like 2018 Chevrolet Equinox or 2018 Mazda CX-5, you also need to pay attention to these two symbols. These following car alert symbols only exist in diesel vehicle.

1. Glow Plug

When you go inside your car and see this icon lights, it means that the glow plugs of the engines are warming up. Thus, for safety reason you should wait until the light goes out before starting the engine.

2. DPF Light

This car light sign indicates that something goes wrong with the diesel exhaust particulate filter and it needs to be repaired.

Luckily, car symbols and meanings are pretty much the same on every car. There might be slight differences between brands and model years. For example, the dashboard icon in cars with advanced technology like 2017 Audi Q7 usually comes with different colors to indicate the severity of the problem. While red needs immediate attention, green is mostly just a sign that you are activating something.

You really need to learn about car symbols and what they mean because those icons will tell you important information about your car. It will not only keep you safe during every car ride, but also help preventing unnecessary damage to your car.