Is the Concept of Mid-engine Chevrolet Corvette Possible?

Posted on – Just recently, an opinion splitting concept of Chevrolet Corvette has been revealed to the public. The car is announced as a mid-engine car just like how the Stingray version would be. Sure, the hatchback design definitely looks good. It makes Corvette looking sportier than ever. However, people just do not think that applying mid-engine concept to this car is viable. What is the reason for that? What are the novelties introduced in this new concept?

Why is Mid-engine for Chevrolet Corvette Considered Unthinkable?

The mid-engine concept means that the vehicle’s engine will be placed in the middle part, unlike many other cars that has front engine placement. It is revealed that the Stingray model’s engine would be a V8 that is capable of producing power output up to 495 brake horsepower with reserved torque of 470 pound feet. Since it is a rear-wheel drive car, the power will immediately go to the back wheels. This engine will be assisted by 8-speed automatic transmission.

People are just not keen on the concept of this Chevrolet Corvette. It looks like a hatchback design of Stingray that is slightly more elongated. This design is called shooting brake which is derived from station wagon idea. The design actually gives vibe of sporty and high performing SUV car, unfortunately for mid-engine type of car, the design is just not suitable. First, the concept picture only depicts the car from the outside. It does not show the engine placement of the car for more accurate visualization.

Judging from the overall size of this car and how the car is quite low to the ground, people do not think that middle engine placement is the right decision. A V8 engine can be bulky. Inside the car, you will not have enough space to move around, particularly for backseat passengers. Placing the engine underneath the car is also not an option because it has a lowered design. Not to mention the temperature rise that might occur inside the Chevrolet Corvette when it gets too heated.

People also question the visibility inside the car due to this design. Most car goers agree that this might be a viable plan if front engine concept is used; however, for middle side engine it is just not possible. There are also suggestions to apply this design for a hybrid car since the engine will be less conspicuous. Everyone agrees, though, that shooting brake design like applied in this Chevrolet Corvette concept is gorgeous.