Introduction of Fingerprint Sensor in Hyundai Santa Fe

Posted on – Public is anxious to welcome Hyundai Santa Fe into the market. There are various modern features that will be introduced in this car. But it seems like nothing will really beat fingerprint detector technology that is equipped in this product geared as the new model. The technology allows driver to unlock and jumpstart car merely using registered fingerprint instead of regular car keys. It certainly makes the process a lot easier for driver.

The steps to utilize this technology are not complicated at all. There is a device controller inside the cabin that will analyze and identify driver’s fingerprint. Driver only needs to put one finger on detector that is placed at the handle. Once the fingerprint is recognized by controller, car door will unlock. If driver wants to jumpstart the car, ignition button is also equipped with fingerprint detector. By placing a finger on top of that button, car will start immediately.

During car setup driver needs to enter information related mirror sides, car features, and seats position onto the system. Once the car recognizes you as driver, the setup will automatically be adjusted according to your preference. In the future, it seems like Hyundai Santa Fe will take this technology into a whole new level. This fingerprint technology will be connected to temperature control and steering wheel adjustment within the car. Other features are also plan to be linked to this fingerprint recognizing technology.

The automaker claims that this technology improves car safety drastically. It minimizes the risk of identity forgery, since car keys can easily be stolen but fingerprint does not. There is a very low chance that fingerprint detector will miss identifying driver, only 1 in 50,000 cases or less than 1%. It is because the system is armed with differential detector that is able to identify electricity rates in parts of driver’s fingertips. The car also continues to renew its data to improve its reliability.

The new generation Hyundai Santa Fe with this fingerprint recognition tech will be releases first in China. It is planned to be released by early 2019 or within the year’s first quarter. The automaker has plans to introduce this technology in Santa Fe that is distributed in other regions. It is also going to incorporate the technology in other lines within its production.

The introduction of fingerprint technology really improves the competitiveness of this automaker within its market segment. Other automakers have come up with modern technology to boost convenience and safety of driver and passengers. Hyundai Santa Fe is definitely a product to anticipate.