Hummer H1

Hummer H1: Does the Restomod Create a Major Step Back?

Posted on – H1 is definitely one of the most iconic off-road vehicles in the market. The car offers military standard performance and tough outlook. Recently, the automaker took a chance by modifying this heavy duty SUV. However, it is safe to say that the move to “restomod” Hummer H1 is highly controversial. Some people are excited for the cooler looking and high performing car. A percentage of vehicle goers are enraged by it, though.

What’s New after Hummer H1 Restomod?

Restomod stands for restored and modified. This is a technique used to incorporate the new and old technology in order to create superior vehicle. Hummer worked together with Mil-Spec Automotive for this modification, which was their seventh collaboration. There are plenty of changes made by the company, ranging from engine’s performance output to exterior design.

The newly modified Hummer H1 still utilizes Duramax Diesel with 6.6 liter discharge capacity as its engine. However the engine has been broken down and rebuilt back in order to yield more power. It now produces 500 brake horsepower and 1,000 pound feet torque. Mil-Spec decided to omit the Hummer all-wheel drive system for this car. Instead, you are getting NVG 242 transfer case to power the wheels. This system has simpler mechanism than the automaker’s made one.

2019 Hummer H1

Mechanically, some changes have also been made. It has axle shafts that are bulkier than the previous version. This design is definitely derived from military grade Humvee. The suspension system also expands more than the old one so you will have infinitely smoother ride. This car also gets new brake system, which is six-piston Wilwood.

From the exterior, you can definitely see big change in the vehicle. Now, it has a pickup truck exterior since the upper backside has been modified to create that space. Hummer H1 still maintains its four door structure, though. Buyer only has one color option, though: deep black. This color does not only cover the outer part of the vehicle. Its interior design is also completely covered in black. The upholstery is made of Nappa leather that has been quilt-stitched to protect the timeless cushion underneath.

Understandably, people are appreciative with the fact that this vehicle looks even tougher than its predecessor. The performance output is also something to be excited about. However, some others believe that this is a major step back for Hummer H1. In this era, many other ultra SUVs are trying to incorporate more sustainable vehicle. This restomod definitely goes against that direction.