How to Make Jedi in Little Alchemy 2

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Are you interested to play the game of Little Alchemy? Well, this game is indeed unique since it requires you to think more. There are some elements that are indeed quite difficult to make throughout this game. One of them is Jedi. What is Jedi? This is probably a character we know the most in Star Wars movie series. He keeps the peace and fights for the justice in Galactic Republic. Meanwhile, it is also known well for his special weapon; the Lightsaber. Lightsaber is a sort of blade made of energy. Based on that fact, Jedi can be made from two main elements in Little Alchemy 2; those elements are human and Lightsaber. Meanwhile, both elements must also pass through some other element creations. What are they?


How can we make the human element anyway? It is a long process indeed. but it is very good since some of the basic elements have been provided. First, combine fire and earth to create lava. The lava is then again combined with earth to create volcano. Meanwhile, prepare some water and create some elements from them. Water plus water equals puddle, puddle plus water equals pond, pond plus water equals lake. Repeat this process twice so that you can create two lakes. Lake plus lake equals sea.

Bring back the earth several more times; earth plus sea equals primordial soup; and earth plus water equals mud. Look back at the primordial soup; primordial soup plus volcano equals life. Keep the life this time. Next, get air twice; air plus air equals pressure; earth plus pressure equals stone; stone plus air equals sand; sand plus mud equals clay; and clay and life equals human.


You may repeat two kinds of processes; they are to create stone and human. Human plus stone equals tool; and tool plus stone equal hammer. Next, repeat the process of making the earth. Earth plus hammer equals ore; ore plus fire equals metal; metal plus stone equals blade; and blade plus metal equals sword. Go find double fires; fire plus fire equals energy; energy plus sword equals Lightsaber.


Jedi in Little Alchemy 2
Jedi in Little Alchemy 2

It is so clear then after you find the two main elements above. Yes, you only need to combine human and Lightsaber to create Jedi. So, do you want to make this titular character through those steps? To be more experts in Little Alchemy 2, be sure also to try to make other elements like how to make tree and how to make sand in Little Alchemy.