Caroline Renfro on Kia Cadenza

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As a popular celebrity, it is only natural if beautiful actress like Caroline Renfro is invited to be the star of Kia commercial. She becomes popular after co-hosting the commercial with Billy Fuccillo. He is the owner of great car dealer in Cape Coral Florida. The advertisement goes viral with the distinctive catchphrase of “Caroline, it’s huge.” One any other car manufactured by Kia that is advertised by both of them is the Kia Cadenza.

During the advertisement, Caroline Renfro mention about the beauty of its exterior. In terms of color, car comes in three options that can be chosen based on your preference. The best part about the exterior is the aerodynamic layout. The transition between the hood and the roof of Kia Cadenza is smooth. Therefore, the car is able to accelerate easily in the city roads. The manufacturer also provides one with sunroof addition as well.

Talking about the design of Kia Cadenza will not complete without mentioning about its interior. The interior is manufactured to satisfy the senses. The upholstering is using synthetic material. This durable material has soft surface and tender texture. This will definitely makes the passengers feel more comfortable. The cabin space is spacious enough to accommodate up to four passengers without feeling cramped. Plenty of additional features are added in the car interior, including the climate control that works in dual zone, audio system, connectivity, and many more.

In the advertisement, Caroline Renfro tests the performance of the car. Whilst they are in the car, Billy Fuccillo mentions that the engine of Kia Cadenza relies on 3.3 liter of V6 engine. This transverse engine is equipped with DOHC technology and direct injection on the gasoline. The engine itself is capable of producing up to 290 horsepower along with 253 lb-ft of torque. As for the pricing, the MSRP for Kia Cadenza is about $32.990.