Buick Lacrosse Reviews

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The Giant Automobile Buick Company has made this Buick Lacrosse series since the year of 2004. Since the year of 2004, now the Lacrosse has already entered the 3rd generation of Lacrosse series. First Generation of the Lacrosse replaced the Buick Regal and Century which begins in the region of North America in the year of 2005. While the previous second generation lasted from year 2010 to 2016. Since the second generation, the Buick Lacrosse was made into the luxurious mid to large size sedan cars. The second generation of the Lacrosse was first named “Buick Allure” before being converted into the lacrosse in order to respond with the global demand market of the car.

Lacrosse Design

Due to its size, Lacrosse interior is a very spacious one combined with its sophisticated features and stylish technology. It has ventilated leather appointed massage front seats which would allow the driver to feel the utmost comfort of every drive. For the exterior part of this luxurious car, the Lacrosse is well-sculpted with an incredible proportion and sleek modern design. With the elegant design lines which displayed elegance and luxury in first glance, the car would definitely make the owner proud of having it.

For the latest 2018 version of the Lacrosse. The car would offer the latest safety features and technologies which would provide the driver more confidence in driving the car. In this era of world network connected technology, the 2018 Lacrosse provide a 4G built in Wifi Hotspot technology for the either the driver or the passenger to stay connected to the internet at all driving times. Meanwhile, the Buick Infotainment system would provide its users the entertainment and directions needed for the comfortable drive. In the performance category, the Lacrosse 2018 series would provide the driver with the force of 2.5L 4-Cylinder eAssist Engine combined with 6 speed level of automatic transmission. Hopefully this short article would be able to broaden your knowledge about the Buick Lacrosse.