The new Aston Martin DB11 Volante

Brief Review of Aston Martin Vanquish S Volante

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Aston Martin Vanquish S Volante relies on AMG V8 engine with V12 Aston technology. This engine specification has nothing to do with the turbocharged engine. In fact, it is the same engine used when internal combustion is still around. That being said, you are still able to purchase this car.

It is not as old as you think it is

Most people might think that the car is too old for their taste. However, avid automobile fans know that it is not as old as they expected. This series is the last of its kind with old V12 engine. Therefore, if the car is extinct, this old engine along with the antique infotainment system will disappear as well.

From the history of this automaker, you might recall that they make agreement with Mercedes to make collaboration in terms of engine specification and many more. The development process of Aston Martin Vanquish S Volante is performed before that period.

The new Aston Martin DB11 Volante

What makes it special?

Previously, Aston releases Vanquish S Coupe series. Plenty aspects of this series, including the suspension, chassis, and engine are improved. Several alterations on those aspects give birth to the Vanquish S Volante series that you know today.

One crucial change can be observed from its power output. Thanks to the breakthrough on the intake system, it is capable of producing 592 bhp from the previous 565 bhp. Other alteration can also be found in the transmission system. The improved version has faster shift.

But wait, there is more

The best part about this series is definitely the noise. The engine is producing smooth noise even if it is being operated at 3,500rpm. The noise of this car still comparable to many cars manufactured these days.

The automatic transmission system relies on eight level of speed. The smooth changes between gears exceed the performance of the latest DCTs. That being said, the car with manual transmission system trim is not less impressive as well.

Is it bouncy?

To begin with, the car is equipped with two suspension modes. This specification provides firm performance. Nevertheless, the car remains comfortable due to its seat and engine specification.

Let’s talk about the interior

To sum it up, the leather upholstering is impressive. However, you cannot say the same about the air ventilation system. The infotainment system is decent, yet still can be improved. Rear seat is provided even though you cannot add more for your child.

Price tag

The price when it was released is about ₤212,000. However, it might be higher since many collectors are looking for it. This price tag is worth the design and performance of the car.