Billy Fuccillo is Looking for Next “Caroline”

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If you have access to television, you definitely have seen Billy Fuccillo’s Kia commercials at least once in your life. His commercials show up in the TV at least 20 times a day. Besides, his tone and antics make those commercials impossible to miss.

If you are familiar with Billy Fuccillo’s TV advertisement, you definitely also have seen the pretty blonde lady that always stands beside him in his every commercial. Yes, that’s Caroline. Even though Caroline has become an inseparable part of Fuccillo’s commercial, unfortunately she has exited the company. Since there is something missing about his commercial without Caroline, Fuccillo has decided to look for new Caroline to appear along with him in his next Kia advertisements. Are you interested to be the next Caroline, lets’ check out the information here.

Next Fuccillo Celebrity

Why You Should Apply?

It is not easy to appear on TV. So, if you are an aspiring artist who wants some experience to show your charm in front of the camera, it is a great opportunity for you. Fuccillo’s commercials basically rule the TV so imagine how many pair of eyes will be able to see you. You might grab a better opportunity after this.

Fuccillo’s dealerships are all over the country so you also will have a chance to travel to various places. New York, Mexico, you name it. Furthermore, Fuccillo is a car dealership mogul with a net worth of $100 million, so this is definitely a high paying job.

What Is The Criteria to Be the Next Caroline?

Caroline is a gorgeous and very beautiful lady and because of this, you definitely think that Fuccillo only want to hire someone pretty with glamorous style. Well, of course the team will not say no to a model with pretty face that can attract the whole nation. However, that is not the criteria Fuccillo is looking for.

Fuccillo’s commercials are known to be unscripted and just flow naturally. So, he wants his next model to be a well-spoken lady with great impromptu skill, just like Caroline. He wants someone who can think fast, say the right thing without any cue cards involved.

Furthermore, Fuccillo also looks for someone who can move fast and have high energy. During the commercial shooting day, Fuccillo and Caroline usually shoot around 180 commercials in the span of one and a half day and it is certainly not for the faint of heart. In the evening, you still need to do radio advertisement so you will have a very packed schedule during the promotional period.

How to Apply?

If you are interested to be the new Caroline, send your resume and up to ten photos to Don’t forget to attach the model release in your email and you can download it from A panel of five juries from Fuccillo Automotive Group will choose and interview the shortlisted candidates.

Only a day after the casting call was posted, more than 100 aspiring models and actresses have applied. So, as what Billy Fuccillo himself has said, don’t be afraid to apply. Send your resume and grab this great opportunity to be the next Caroline.