Audi S4 TDI Quattro is switching to Diesel Engine

Posted on – Although the number of sleeper cars produced has been dwindling, Audi S4 TDI Quattro remains to be the most loved vehicle in the market for both sleeper and non-sleeper types. Although this car looks like your typical city vehicle, it is capable of producing high performance output. An upcoming version of this car will be released soon. So, what will you encounter in the new model?

Specs and Design of Audi S4 TDI Quattro

Even if many automakers have started to migrate their engine choice toward what is considered as greener engine, Audi makes a mind boggling decision with this one. The automaker has decided to install a diesel engine in the new S4. However, the company certainly sees potentials in using diesel engine. For this car line, Audi focuses more on torque reserve. This engine produces less CO2 if compared to regular petrol engine.

Audi S4 TDI Quattro is going to be equipped with a turbo diesel V6 engine with 3.0 liter discharge capacity. The engine is capable of producing 342 brake horsepower while its torque reserve is up to 516 pound feet. It is paired with 8-speed self-shifting transmission. Anti-lag turbo system is also added to the car. While you are driving the car, it might not feel as quick as it promises to be. Despite the electric anti-lag system, the self-shifting transmission actually makes it quite hard.

The fuel efficiency of this car is 38.9 miles per gallon according to the last test it underwent. Meanwhile, as promised, the CO2 emission is at 166 grams/kilometer rate. It is considered quite an achievement for diesel engine. How is the performance of new S4? You can drive it with maximumspeed up to 155 miles per hour. This car can also accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour only in 4.9 seconds. The acceleration is actually comparable with the petrol version of this car.


Audi S4 TDI Quattro

There are some fresh elements added to the car’s design. That can be seen from outside and inside. Audi S4 TDI Quattro gets new mesh grille design. It definitely looks sportier if compared to the predecessor. The interior still looks plush and expensive. Everyone gets big legroom within the car. You can see a new touchscreen for control panel at the console.

The starting price point for this car is £ 48,490 which is considerably higher than its predecessor. Are you in for the use of diesel engine in this vehicle, though? What are your thoughts about Audi S4 TDI Quattro?