Audi A1 Brief Review for Its Specs and Price

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Audi has just tested its new baby, Audi A1. The brand new vehicle from Audi is inspired from VW Polo, mostly on its gearboxes, engines, chassis, and more. A1 is currently perfect and serviceable; however, the car it is inspired from is not as fun as driving Fiesta. It is not a surprise that car enthusiasts are trying to question the price of £30,000 it is available at. Is A1 worth the money? Here is the brief review about tested car from A1.

Audi A1 1.0-litre S-line
Audi A1 1.0-litre S-line

Where does the money go?

You might want to know how this vehicle is priced that high. There are several reasons why A1 is available at around £30,000. The car comes with £575 British Gas Repair and Schwarzkopf roof of £425. This does not seem worth considering you have to pay such amount of money for the vehicle. However, there are some optional extras provided by Audi including dual clutch gearbox.

How about the A1 engine?

Audi A1 does not have many options when it comes to engine. This tested car is powered by 1.0L turbocharged engine with 3-cylinder petrol. This engine is capable of delivering 113 horsepower and 148 pound feet of torque. It also allows you reach from 0 to 62mph only in 9.4 seconds. Do you think it is good for you? For the 2019 model, there will be 1.5L and 2.0L petrol engine.

What is impressive from Audi A1?

Well, it is a little bit difficult to find something impressive from A1. This car gets LED light, which is technically interesting. The S-line is angular, with blocked extra grille real estate. A1 also receives 17-inch wheels which somehow looks slim instead of bulky. However, it does not look expensive since it looks more like plastic.

Audi A1 interior design

Do you expect to have classy interior design from Audi A1? Sorry to disappoint you since the interior features hard plastic that is quite far from classy style. The good part might be on door tops, handles, and center tunnel. There are some technologies embedded to the interior. Let’s mention Technology Pack with 10.1-inch touchscreen, sat-nav, and traffic avoiding routing. You will also find Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto, which is pretty standard for recent vehicle.

Audi A1 1.0-litre S-line interior
Audi A1 1.0-litre S-line interior

Is the £30,000 Audi A1 worth the money? It actually depends on your preference. If you are satisfied enough with the features, you go for it. If you expect more, this car is not a pretty good choice to go.