2020 ford escape spy photos
2020 ford escape spy photos (source: caranddriver.com)

2020 Ford Escape, the Best Hybrid SUV at the Time

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Continuing the Escape series that has been abandoned for approximately 5 years, now Ford is getting ready to release a new product named 2020 Ford Escape. Crossover-themed SUV is the result of shifting the focus of Ford from Sedan to Crossover. Ford believes, supported by data on purchases over the past few years, Crossover products will dominate the automotive market. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at this futuristic bulky.

2020 ford escape spy photos
2020 ford escape spy photos (source: caranddriver.com)

Inside and Outside of the Beast

Carrying a new platform, 2020 Ford Escape is forecast to have a strong and stature steel chassis, considering the first version that has a bad rating in field of crash safety tests. Unfortunately, in order to strengthen the frame, Ford must reduce the size of gas engine in order to provide hybrid features on the latest version. In addition, the design of 2020 version will optimize the existing streamline features, providing good airflow from front to back, while reducing the bulky appearance of crossover.

Some spy shots reveal that new Ford Escape will have a bigger air intake from the front grille that’s covered by a typical Escape bumper. Those air intakes will direct the air straight to cooling system, so the engine temperature is maintained to optimize your trip. For the lights section, there is no official information, but it seems 2020 Escape will have Wide LED light with taillight equipped with HDR.

2020 ford escape interior
2020 ford escape interior (source: caranddriver.com)

Under the Hood Specs

Peeking into under the hood, Ford will continue the Hybrid feature into this SUV, making it the second hybrid SUV after the predecessor in 2013. However, in order to support the safety and chassis strength, the block size of engine is slightly reduced, providing enough space for the plug-in, hybrid features.

The hybrid engine used by 2020 Ford Escape is recommended for secondary options only. However, the machine will accommodate considerable power, ranging from 47-48 volts. For starters kick, it uses a belt to support efficiency.

For its own block engine, 2020 Escape uses a four-cylinder engine that each accommodates 1.5 liters. To support the acceleration, Ford also pinned turbo with capacity of 2 liters with explosive power reached 245 HP. The characteristics of this very powerful machine are unfortunately controlled by automatic transmission with 8-speed.

In addition, 2020 Ford Escape is scheduled to be released at a price ranging from $24,800-$25,000 and it is expected to be present at your closest showrooms in spring 2019.