2019 Jeep Cherokee New Design and Features

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Jeep Cherokee has long history in car industry. First generation was introduced in 1973 as wagon vehicle. Today, 2019 Jeep Cherokee is crossover SUV with bold and dynamic design. Recent model is a part of fifth generation. Jeep adds few updates in order to enhance the car appearance, although the performance is still quite similar.

This car combines sport and comfortable aspects in single vehicle. As we know, the car market started to create new category like crossover because of demand changing. Today, people buy SUV not only for sport or long journey, but also the daily basis transportation. In order to bring comfortable and convenient sides, the car turns into crossover and not fully SUV. This is what happens on Cherokee. The previous model was full-size SUV with box-shape style. On contrary, Jeep gives radical alteration for new generation that’s different from the previous one.

2019 Jeep Cherokee release date

The engine uses gasoline and diesel as fuel. Gasoline engine has two capacities: 2.4 and 3.2 liter. For 2.4 liter, 2019 Jeep Cherokee is able to produce 184 horsepower. The second engine is more powerful because the powertrain is 271 horsepower. Other engines are diesel that’s only for Europe market. The capacities are 2.0 and 2.2 liter with Multijet.

Besides engine, the exterior part also receives few modifications. Jeep intends to add bigger headlamp with more efficient LED mode. At rear side, some lights are modified to enhance the safety and visibility. The overall exterior does not get dramatic change, but Jeep adds some options for trim level.

2019 jeep cherokee interior
2019 Jeep Cherokee interior

Form interior side, this car uses advanced technology that’s better than previous one. 2018 model may be a part of fifth generation, but technology is more sophisticated. At front side, you see display panel to provide information and deliver some control. Jeep integrates this car to stay connected with network. The seats use high quality leather alongside the belt to keep it comfortable and safe. Moreover, the base price for 2019 Jeep Cherokee may start from $28,000.